About HKSF

Policy Plan

Founded by Hein Kolk in 2004, the Hein Kolk Scholarship Fund’s vision is to help create a world in which the potential of all children are fully developed.

Main objectives
  1. The Fund helps promising students from low income families across Sri Lanka achieve their aspirations of gaining a university education.
  2. The scholarship program aims to provide another crucial factor in helping to break the generational cycle of poverty, as the rewards of offering expanded educational opportunities for young people from poorer communities translates not only into better prospects for the students themselves, but also results in lasting benefits for their families, communities and society at large.

Ambition and Activities

Through generous initial start-up funding provided by Hein Kolk, the HKSF was launched in 2004 in partnership with Plan International, a leading non-profit humanitarian organization that works across 50 countries. The Fund officially inaugurated its programmatic activities in 2005, through the provision of direct financial assistance for university students to help meet the costs of their continuing education.

Beneficiaries, carefully selected by Plan International Sri Lanka staff from underprivileged families and communities across the country, receive supplementary financial support to meet some of the prohibitive additional costs of university education. This ranges from meeting basic daily transportation, housing, clothing and food costs, to enabling complementary courses such as language and computing skills and subsidizing external qualification schemes which significantly boost student’s long-term employment opportunities and earning potential.

Following the successful graduation of the first group of eleven recipient students, in 2012 the Fund is currently providing financial support to its second batch of 16 students and third batch of 10 students. Those students, attending numerous universities across Sri Lanka, are following widely diverse degree courses such as accountancy, agri-business management, biology, economics, journalism, mass media, mathematics, medicine and social sciences. See the profiles of the students here.

With the generous support of its donors, the Hein Kolk Scholarship Fund will continue to help prepare Sri Lanka’s next generation of leaders, regardless of ethnicity, religion or economic circumstances.

Hein Kolk Scholarship Fund

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