Chandra Sali

Photography and Journalism
University of Kelaniya

Chandra Sali is from a Plan sponsored family. After the death of his father, his mother has had to support the family of four.

M. Ekanayaka

Social Science
University of Kelaniya

M. Ekanayaka is from a Plan sponsored family in Anuradhapura. Her parents are both farmers. She has a sister in university and a brother in school, and her parent’s monthly income is insufficient to support a second child in university.

M. Herath

Mass Communication and Political Science
Rajarata University

M. Herath comes from the Plan Program area of Anuradhapura. Her family’s income is from agriculture, which is seasonal, and her parents are unable to afford the cost of further studies, particularly with two brothers who are still in school.

Indika Rathnayaka

Health Sciences
Peradeniya University

Indika Rathnayaka comes from a low income family living in the village of Batugammana, a Plan supported community in Moneragala. His father is disabled, he has two younger sisters and a brother in school, and the family’s limited income from agriculture.

W. Indrawathi

Social Science, Political Science, Mass Communication and English
University of Jayawardenapura

W. Indrawathi was educated at Ehiliwewa Vidyalaya in Wellawaya. Her father is 70 years old and unable to find employment, and her mother works as a laborer. She has two sisters and a brother. The older sister has completed her education and helps at home, while the other two are still in school.

A. Karunarathna

University of Colombo

A. Karunarathna comes from Anuradhapura where her parents were farmers. She was educated at Saliyamala Vidyalaya and passed her Advanced Level examinations. This qualified her for admission to the University of Colombo.

M. Kumara Dissanayaka

Social Science, History and Archeology
Ruhunu University

M. Kumara Dissanayaka was educated at Kumbukulawa Vidyalaya in Polpitigama, a Plan Program area.

Kumara Dissanayake

Social Science, History and Archeology
Ruhunu University

Kumara Dissanayake studied at Madulla Central College in Dambagolla in the Plan Program area of Monaragala. His father is disabled and therefore unable to help him financially. He has two younger brothers who are still at school.

Priyanka Madubashini

Social Science
University of Jayawardenapura

Priyanka Madubashini comes from the village of Siyabalangunaya in Wellawaya – a Plan Program area where her parents and two sisters live.

P. Muthunayake

Medical Faculty
University of Kelanyia

P. Muthunayake lost her father years ago, and her mother has had to educate her two children – a son and daughter, with the income from daily wages, which is insufficient to support her in university.

H. Rathnayaka

Physical Science
Sabaragamuwa University

H. Rathnayaka comes from a low income family, where both parents are farmers, in the village of Iththekatuwa in the Monaragala District, and has a younger sister and brother who are still in school.

V. Sampath

Applied Sciences
Wayamba University

V. Sampath comes from a farming family in a remote village in Monaragala. He has three brothers.

Sunethra Kumari

Social Sciences and Humanities
University of Kelaniya

Sunethra Kumari comes from a farming family, and has three sisters and a brother.

Wasantha Kumarasingha

Social Science
University of Kelaniya

Wasantha Kumarasingha comes from the village of Marawa which is a Plan Program area in the Monaragala District.

Rasika Weerakoon

Mass Communication
University of Colombo

Rasika Weerakoon comes from a family where the mother is a laborer – the sole breadwinner, while the father suffers from a chronic illness and is unfortunately unemployable.

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