Chandrani Kusum

Economics, Business Studies and Accountancy
University of Colombo

Chandrani Kusum is 20 years old and lives in Wellawaya in Monaragala. Her younger sister is a Plan sponsored child and is currently in school.

Chandrani studied at Kumaradasa School and did her Advanced Level examinations in 2010. She won first place in the district by achieving 3 grade ‘A’s.

Chandrani has had to face many difficulties. Her village is in a very remote area where there are no proper roads – she had to walk more than 8km to school daily.

Update September 2017: Complete her Bachelor of Science in Accounting. She works now as Account Executive by Singhagiri Lts. Company.

Update 2016: R.M. Chandrani Kusum, she is studying now 3rd year Economics, Business Study and Accountancy at the University of Jayawardenapura. She finished her 1st semester with good results, Communication skills and personal development C+ ; Advanced Financial Accounting B; Macro Economics B+; Human Resource Management B+; Marketing Management B.

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