Devika Ramachandran

Eastern University

Devika Ramachandran is from a town called Matale. Her father is a skilled laborer working on a tea plantation.

She was educated at the Pakyam Vidyalaya in Matale and passed her Advanced Level examinations.

She was fortunate to obtain admission to the Eastern University. It is considered unusual for students from the Plantation Sector to enter university. The Eastern University is more than 150km from her hometown and although Devika’s parents were not in a position to support her education financially, they were happy to encourage her to continue her studies.

She would like to thank Mr Hein Kolk for the scholarship which will help her achieve her ambition and return to the estate where she grew up, and become a teacher.

Update: Devika is now studying in 4th year Degree Arts of Culture. Her subjects are Research Techniques in Geography, Bio Geography, Geographical Thoughts and methodology, History of Sri Lanka, Economic Geography, and Computer Application in Geography. She is a diligent student and gets good grades.

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