Ekanayake Mudiyanselage Dinesha Chandani Ganathilaka

Study of Social Science
Rajarata University of Sri Lanka

E.M.D. Chandani Ganathilaka is born on 2nd December 1994 she is now 23 years old.

The community where she lives is Mahaoaya. She studied at the Kappatipola High School. Her exam subjects are Sinhala language, Buddhist culture and Political science. Due to fnancial diffculties this family recognized as a poor family. Ekanayake personal objective is to be a lecture at university. Her main subject is Social Science.

Rajarata University of Sri Lanka , located in the historic city of Mihintale, which is situated 14 kilometres away from the east of Anuradhapura, was established on 31 of January, 1996. It envisages to highlight the city, Mihintale, which marks the inception of the Sri Lankan social development, as one of the most prominent centre of the present academic arena in the Sri Lankan history. Through this, it is expected to produce virtuous, intellectual and competent citizens for the needs of the 21 st century.

Year 1

Subject Results
Sinhala – Core subject
Mass communication – Core subject
Sociology – Core subject
Information Technology – Compulsory
English – Compulsory
Educational sociology – Compulsory
Information Technology – Outsidey

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