H. Rathnayaka

Physical Science
Sabaragamuwa University

H. Rathnayaka comes from a low income family, where both parents are farmers, in the village of Iththekatuwa in the Monaragala District, and has a younger sister and brother who are still in school.

He sat for his Advanced Level examinations and gained 3 ‘C’ grades in Chemistry, Physics and Combined Mathematics.

With these results he was able to secure a place in the Faculty of Physical Science in the Sabaragamuwa University, where he is studying Chemical Technology and hopes for a career in this field.

Update: R.M. Nuwan Indika Rathnayaka he is studying 4th year degree Science in Nursing at the University of Rahuna. He is doing the 1st semester of his last study year. His study subjects are: English & communication skills, Maternity nursing, Trends in Nursing, Child Health nursing, Critical care nursing, Psychiatric nursing & Mental.

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