HKSF Ambassadors

Onno Ruding

“My connection to Plan Netherlands dates back many years, and will continue into the future.”

For several years in the early 1980s I had the great pleasure as serving as Treasurer on the Board of Directors for Plan International Netherlands. Although I resigned from that position in late 1982 in order to fulfill my responsibilities as Minister of Finance for the Netherlands, my interest in Plan’s work assisting children in developing countries continued, including twenty five years of personally sponsoring children through Plan’s continually evolving programme of direct community assistance.

In all that time, Plan has never disappointed me, and has consistently proven to be both reliable and effective – saving where possible, generous where it should be – with the persistent aim of achieving the best possible results for children and their communities as well. I am proud to continue to contribute to these efforts“.

“I highly recommend the Hein Kolk Scholarship Fund. It provides an important addition to the work of Plan International by financially supporting the next higher step of education for children in a low income country”.

Onno Ruding

Nigel Chapman

Message from the former CEO of Plan International:

It is a great pleasure for Plan International to continue its collaboration with the Hein Kolk Scholarship Fund in support of its work to increase opportunity for underprivileged university students across Sri Lanka.

Hein Kolk himself remains an inspiration to staff at Plan International, from his many years of service as the National Director of Plan Netherlands. From 1976 to 2000 Hein oversaw unprecedented success, driving immense growth in the organisation, recruiting literally hundreds of thousands of new sponsors for Plan Netherlands and generating more than one billion euros in net benefit for the work of Plan International around the globe. Therefore he received on 11th October 2012 the first Plan Netherlands Award.

After retiring from the organisation, Hein has put his unique knowledge and energy to work yet again, continuing his life-long personal commitment to improving the lives of young people by creating a simple, yet effective scheme to assist disadvantaged, bright students to overcome significant financial barriers to attending university. Hein, and the HKSF donors and volunteers, deserve much praise for their success to date, creating a true model of excellence which Plan International is fully committed to supporting.

I wish the Hein Kolk Scholarship Fund every success, and look forward to the continued participation of Plan International in making that success a reality.

Nigel Chapman
Former Chief Executive Officer
Plan International

Guusje ter Horst

As former president of the Dutch association of universities of applied sciences I am convinced that good education is of the utmost importance for all youth. Good education is even more essential for young people in developing countries who want to expand their chances for a better future.

The Hein Kolk Scholarship Fund makes this education possible for youngsters in Sri Lanka. Moreover, not only the students themselves but also their families may benefit enormously from this sponsoring.

Guusje ter Horst

Subhadra Belbase

“We know that quality education is the key to unlocking a child’s potential.”

However, if we are to break the cycle of poverty, it is imperative that bright youth from vulnerable families get opportunities to enter universities so that they can succeed in finding employment in this very competitive world. Hein, who is an inspiration to many of us who have worked for Plan, has put this development theory into practice with his Hein Kolk Scholarship Fund (HKSF).

It is common in Asia and Africa for youth to support their siblings’ education once they start earning. This helps the family gradually get out of the cycle of poverty. It is clear from the testimonies of the first batch of university graduates of the HKSF that the financial assistance they received made a significant positive impact on their lives, and that they are contributing to the betterment of their families and communities.

As a woman from Nepal, who was privileged to get a university education, and experience the power of education to fulfill her dreams and aspirations, I am touched with, and grateful for the work of the Hein Kolk Scholarship Fund.

“I know that the deserving youth who are being supported to complete university will also actualize their potential and dreams, and break the cycle of poverty!”

Subhadra Belbase
Director Plan Uganda

Robert ten Brink

“As a father of 5 daughters I know the importance of watching your children grow up healthy and happy. A good education is a crucial part of it.”

My daughters are born in a country where good education is a fundamental right and where children are able to fulfil their talents and aspirations.

I travel regularly all over the world, including to developing countries, where I see so many young, talented people who are not as lucky as my daughters in the Netherlands. That is why I am so enthusiastic about The Hein Kolk Scholarship Fund.

As a sponsor of a bright but poor student in Sri Lanka, you can monitor the progress and the results of the students throughout their time in university. After graduation, you will receive a photo of a proud, happy student, ready to participate in a future with better chances for themselves, their community and their country.

“I encourage you all to participate in this simple but effective initiative!”

Robert ten Brink

Hein Kolk Scholarship Fund

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