Indika Rathnayaka

Health Sciences
Peradeniya University

Indika Rathnayaka comes from a low income family living in the village of Batugammana, a Plan supported community in Moneragala. His father is disabled, he has two younger sisters and a brother in school, and the family’s limited income from agriculture.

He studied at the Mahanama College in Moneragala, sat for his ‘A’ level examinations gaining a ‘C’ grade in Physics and Chemistry, and a ‘B’ grade in Biology.

He is currently studying Health Sciences at Peradeniya University, the degree courses he will follow will enable him to conduct research in various scientific disciplines and ensure him a suitable career in the Health services.

Update: Indika Rathnayaka received financial support from the Hein Kolk Scholarship program for 4 years. He is studying now the 3rd year Health Sciences at the University of Peradeniya /Sabragamuwa. He is a moderate student. Due to academic problem the University was closed for the last 7 months.

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