M. Herath

Mass Communication and Political Science
Rajarata University

M. Herath comes from the Plan Program area of Anuradhapura. Her family’s income is from agriculture, which is seasonal, and her parents are unable to afford the cost of further studies, particularly with two brothers who are still in school.

She was educated at Alayapaththuwa Vidyalaya in Anuradhapura, where she passed her Advanced Level examinations and obtained admission to the Rajarata University. She is studying Mass Communication and Political Science.

She hopes that with a degree she will be able to get a well paid job.

Update: M. Herath studies Science of Art for 3 years. She completed her study 2014 as Bachelor of Arts Degree. She did extremely well while in university and consistently achieved very high results.

Her final exam subjects are: Sociology A-; Sinhala B+; Computer A-; Mass Communication A-; General English B+; Research Project A+;

She is waiting for her Convocation Certification and her Convocation photo.

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