M. Kumara Dissanayaka

Social Science, History and Archeology
Ruhunu University

M. Kumara Dissanayaka was educated at Kumbukulawa Vidyalaya in Polpitigama, a Plan Program area.

He was successful in the Advanced Level examinations and obtained ‘A’ grades in Accountancy and Economics and a ‘B’ grade in Business Studies. With these results he was able to secure a place in the Management Faculty of the Wayamba University.

His family income, like others in the area, is dependent on agriculture and is insufficient to finance his university education.

With the scholarship from the Hein Kolk Fund, Kumara’s ambition is to complete his university degree and seek suitable employment in management in the Banking sector. He feels fortunate to have been one of the students selected for this scholarship.

Update: M. Kumara Dissanayaka studied 4 Year Degree Management Faculty at the University of Wayamba. He is a moderate student and he earned average grades.

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