Tennakoon Arachchilage Deepika Kumari

Study Economic
University of Ruhuna

T.A. Deepika Kumari is 22 years old. Her date of birth is 11th May 1995.

She lives in Moneragala. She studied Mo/Alpitiya Maha Viduhala. Grade 13, GCE Advanced Level. 13 years. Her exam subjects are: Economic, Sionhala Language, Agriculture. Tennakoon family is registered as a Plan Sponsor family. The family has fnancial diffculties. They are recognized as a poor family by the GO poverty alleviation program.

The University of Ruhuna was established by a Special Presidential Degree on 1st September 1978, as Ruhuna University College, fulflling a long cherished desire of the people of Southern Sri Lanka. Initially it constituted with four faculties, namely, Agriculture, Arts, Medicine and Science. The Department of Geography offers programs designed to improve understanding of the interaction between man and environment. The programs also intend to make students aware of the nature of physical and human environments, and the challenges and problems of development. At the undergraduate level, the Department provides General and Special Degree Programs. The students who seek to specialize in Geography are selected on the basis of their performance at the 1000 level course unit examinations at the end of the frst year.

Year 1

Subject Results
Economics – Core subject
Sociology – Core subject
History – Core subject
Basic Mathematics – Compulsory
English – Compulsory
Information Technology – Compulsory

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