Students and education

How long are the degree programs in Sri Lanka?

The universities in Sri Lanka offer two types of degree programs: a General Degree 3-year course without a major subject; and a Special Degree, 4- year course including research, with a specialization in a particular subject.

How are the students selected?

Students are selected from areas in the country in which Plan Sri Lanka operates. They are the brightest students who have all achieved the highest grades in their examinations but due to economic circumstances are unable to afford the costs involved.

Is university education free in Sri Lanka?

Tuition is paid by the Government but students must meet the costs of textbooks, living expenses including rent, food and bills, travel costs etc.

Funding and donations

Is a donation to the HKSF tax deductible?

If a donation to sponsor a student is processed (under Dutch law), it is tax deductible, since the HKSF got the ANBI-status, which means it received a charity a tax-exempt status from the Dutch Ministry of Finance. For more information, please contact us.

How is the Fund managed?

There is a Board which oversees the administration of the Fund, who all offer their services on a voluntary basis and receive no financial remuneration.

Hein Kolk

Board Members
Herberth Samsom
Patrick Westenburger
Monique van ‘t Hek (National Director, Plan International Netherlands)

Will a Sponsor receive updates on their sponsored student?

The Hein Kolk Scholarship Fund will provide the sponsor with a student’s exam results for each academic year, together with an email or letter informing the sponsor of the student’s achievements and activities in the past year. At the end of the student’s degree program the sponsor will receive a personal letter, final exam results and graduation photo from the student.

Are administrations costs deducted from the annual sponsorship fee that students receive?

100% of the sponsorship fee is given directly to the students. All communication between beneficiary students and HKSF staff are conducted via email, in order to reduce costs, and some of the coordination between students and HKSF staff are carried out by unpaid volunteers. There are some minimal administrative costs that are met by DNBN*, one of the Fund’s valued corporate sponsors. *DNBN is the Dutch Norwegian Business Network, providing a network platform for the promotion of Norwegian-Dutch business and the exchange of knowledge, ideas and experiences between Norway and the Netherlands. DNBN supports the vision that students are the future leaders in business, and therefore an investment in students is very important for themselves and their society. Not only in Netherlands and Norway, but also in countries like Sri Lanka.

How much money does each student receive?

The Hein Kolk Scholarship Fund provides each student USD550 per year.

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