A. Karunarathna

University of Colombo

A. Karunarathna comes from Anuradhapura where her parents were farmers. She was educated at Saliyamala Vidyalaya and passed her Advanced Level examinations. This qualified her for admission to the University of Colombo.

But when her father was kidnapped and killed by the LTTE rebel forces that were fighting the Government, her mother was unable to consider the additional financial burden of a university education.

For Ms. Karunarathna, receiving the Hein Kolk scholarship has been a great help and an incentive to her to complete her education, and be an example to her two brothers.

Update: K.A.P. Karunarathna, she studied Science of Art, 4th year Degree. Her exam subjects is Sociology of development A- Nio Classical Social theory B+, Crime and social justice B+ Sociology of medicine A-, Sociology of city A-, Violence and conflict related psychological issues B+, Independent study 2 B+, Contemporary Social theory B+, Contemporary rural society B+. She is very thankful for the Hein Kolk Scholarship support she received as it helped her to successfully complete her BA Degree.

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