Edippuli Arachchige Dureka Sathsara

Study Vocational Technology
University college of Batangala

E.A. Dureka Sathasara is born on 16th April 1996 she is 21 years old now.

She lives in the community of Moneragala. Due to fnancial diffculties the family recognized as a poor family. Edippuli last school was the Mahanama Central College. Her exam subjects are Engineering Technology, Science for Technol-ogy and Geography. She studied now Vocational Technology and her main subject is Quantity Survey.University college of Batangala,

The University of Vocational Technology (UNIVOTEC) is established by the parliamentary Act No. 31 of 2008, and functions under the purview of the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Skills De-velopment. Skilled technicians maintain the daily technological functions of the industrial world ensuring the technology runs accurately and effciently. Hands-on approach to technical education providing the essential tools for students to succeed in their careers upon graduation.

Year 1

Subject Results
Information Technology – Compulsory
English – Compulsory
Construction technology – Compulsory
Quantity Survey practice
AutoCAD – Software

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