S. Gimhana Premakumara

Social Science Study
University of Kalaniya

S. Gimhan Premakumara is 22 years old. He lives in Kidawaramkulama Akkarawaththa Poonawa Anuradhapura. He studied in Maithripala Senanayake. He belongs to a low income family.

His father passed away. His mother is doing casual labour works and that income is sufficient only for family day to day expenses. His brother also does higher studies and finds financial problems to complete education.

His motivation to apply for a scholarship is that due to he is coming from a poor income family. His mother is suffering also of chronicle disease. However he wants to attend university and reach this dream.

Update September 2017:

University Period Course
Kelaniya 4 Social Science

Year 1

Subject – Semester 1 Results Subject – Semester 2 Results
Introduction to Philosophy A- Modern Sinhala prose A-
Logic B+ Mod.sin. Prose A
Scientific method A- Classical sinhala prose A
Drama and modern Sinhala poetry B+ Mod. Sin Verse B+
Modern Sinhala Fiction A Per. Recording A-
Applied Sociology C+ Sinhala culture A-
Introduction to Languages B- Mod. Sin. Liter. B+

Year 2

Subject – Semester 1 Results Subject – Semester 2 Results
Modn Sin.P 11 A- Socialogy Lite. B+
Modern Sin. V 11 B+ Metric R. Lite. A
Per. Recor. A Tradition. Grammer A-
Sinhala culture A- Basic Conc. Socio B+
Clss. Sin. Prose A- applied Sociology C+
Clas. Sin Poetry A

Year 3

Subject – Semester 1 Results Subject – Semester 2 Results
Pending 3rd year Results

Year 4

Subject – Semester 1 Results Subject – Semester 2 Results
Studying 4th Year

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